DOE Superintendent Gives Her Staff An A+ For the Opening Day of School


Guam – An A+ for a smooth opening. That’s the grade Department of Education Superintendent Dr Nerissa Underwood gave to all the schools and their staff for the first day of school.

According to Underwood,  the traffic was a lot smoother than what they had anticipated.  She says the schools located at both ends of Route 10 expected heavy delays because of the road construction. But when she checked in at all the school in that area, the principles said it wasn’t as bad as they had anticipated.

But Underwood noticed higher levels of traffic at the elementary schools. She says this was due to when parents parked their cars and would walk their children to their classrooms inside the school.

We met up with a parent, Stephen Charfauros and his two sons, Ezra and Timothy, who are students at Agana Elementary School, the home of the Bumble Bees, to ask them how they liked their first day of school .

Ezra says his day was kinda of bad, but OK and his older brother Timothy thought the day went well. Stephen said he arrived to the school to beat the crowd.

And were there enough teachers for the classrooms?

Department of Education Deputy Superintendent of Finance, Ta-ling Taitano says during yesterday mornings principle orientation, they realized a that some teachers who will be out due to medical and military leave.

According to DOE Deputy Superintendent of Finance, Taling Taitano , “We are scrambling a little bit to make sure that we will have enough sub, some of them found out at the orientation yesterday morning there will be a few teachers who will be out due to medical and military leave. Our personnel office is working to ensure that we have enough substitute teachers so we have a teacher in every classroom.”

Underwood want s to remind everyone that DOE have 200 substitute teachers on call.

In other news, Underwood says the math books that arrived last week are being distributing through out all the schools.

Underwood says day one is over, if there were any problems on Tuesday,  they will address them before on day two.