VIDEO: DOE Plans Community Approach to Stop Vandelisim in the Schools


Guam -Guam Public Schools have been a target for vandalism and theft, with three cases of vandalism and theft reported in the media this week alone.  With crime on the increase, Department of Education Administrators are now thinking of creative solutions to the problem.


DOE Superintendent Dr. Nerissa Underwood says the DOE is hoping to use Federal ARRA Funds it recently acquired to install alarm systems at the schools but she says that won’t be enough.  Underwood believes keeping the schools safe really comes down to instilling a sense of ownership for the schools into the community.  Thats why DOE Deputy Superintendent Arlene Unpingco formed a committee to develop a Community Watch Program for the schools.

“We would have our communities, our stake holders, our other agencies be a part in developing this plan where we pilot three schools one the middle, central and northern area.” Unpingco said explaining that volunteers would take turns watching the schools to make sure they are safe at all hours.

“These individuals who are creating this havoc will think twice when they know that a community is actually taking care of that school,” Underwood added.