DOE Underwood Permanently Removes Principal From FBLG


Guam – Its been over a month since the over sight hearing pertaining to bullying and harassment taking place within Guam’s public schools. And as a result to that hearing, DOE superintendent Dr. Nerissa Underwood announced today to permanently replace FBLG principal Ulric Mark.


Today the Department of Education Superintendent Dr. Nerissa Underwood has appointed a new principal at FB Leon Guerrero Middle School. She named Agana Heights Elementary School Principal Carla Masnayan to take over at the helm as Principal of FB Leon Guerrero Middle School.

As you may recall, Over a month ago the legislature held an oversight hearing on Bullying and harassment taking place within Guam’s public schools. Shortly before that over sight hearing, former FBLG Principal, Ulric Mark was placed on a 20 day suspension due to a bullying incident that had occurred within FBLG.

During Mark’s suspension Underwood formed an education response team led by Erika Cruz to assess Mark and the school. Cruz held a faculty meeting, met with parents and student leaders to get an overall feeling with the community at FBLG

Mark’s suspension ended this week and Underwood determined that the discipline for Mark’s 2nd action that stemmed from the oversight hearing back on November 22nd and 23rd was to remove him from FBLG.

DOE Acting Superintendent Taling Taitano says Underwood looked at all the facts and recommendations that were provided by the FBLG education response team. Those recommendations were developed by a group of seasoned principals and what they recommended was that they believed a change of management was necessary to help pull the community together and to help resolve some of the situations that were brought up during this investigation.

Underwood picked Carla Masnayan from a pool of principals because she fit the profile on who best fits FBLG. Masnayan says in the past she worked with the community for five years. She hopes to make an impact at the school .

Masnayan says FB Leon Guerrero always had a 6 yr accreditation. Its very important tio the community that they continue in that movement and hopefully work on the school improvement planm make sure things running smoothly and have an open line of communication and keep the school climate positive as well

Masnayan will be moving into her office on Monday so she can be prepared before the students return to FBLG from their holiday vacation.