DOE Underwood Will Decide On Status Of FBLG Middle School Principal


Guam – This Wednesday the Department of Education Superintendent Dr. Nerissa Underwood will announce who be the principal of FB Leon Guerrero Middle School. So far she has not indicated if she plans to keep the current principal, Ulric Mark or name a new one.


The Department of Education Superintendent Dr. Nerissa Underwood will be making her decision this Wednesday on who will take over at the helm as Principal of FB Leon Guerrero Middle School. Over a month ago the legislature held an oversight hearing on Bullying and harassment taking place within Guam’s public schools. Shortly before that over sight hearing Principal Ulric Mark was placed on a 20 day suspension due to a bullying incident that had occurred within FBLG. The 20 day suspension was the first action taken against Mark and this suspension was a coincident to the oversight hearing. Mark’s suspension ends this week and Underwood will determine the discipline for Mark’s 2nd action that stems from the oversight hearing back on November 22nd and 23rd.

Acting DOE Superintendent Taling Taitano says there was an investigation right after the public hearing. There were certain allegations made during the public hearing. So What we are trying to do is affirm those allegations to see if there were any facts behind them. And so that investigation has taken place. Again we are considering the information that was provided as part of the investigation as well as the response to the employees.

The second action against Mark is still pending. DOE follows a progressive discipline procedure which consists of suspension from 1 – 20 days, a demotion and lastly dismissal.

Taitano says, “Yes we do follow progressive discipline and usually if there is an offense that an employee commits and the offense is the same and it is repeated , then typically the second action will be harsher.”

Taitano says the second action against Mark could be a longer suspension date, it could be a demotion or could result to termination, it all depends on the facts of the case. DOE doesn’t have an abundant of principal and vice principals, how would this affect Underwood’s decision.

Taitano says,” What were looking at are the facts of the case, how severe was the offense, what was the response from the employee and all of those taken into consideration of course you want to be fair and take a look at past actions of a case in similar nature and make sure you are treating everyone fairly.”

Taitano believes the decision on the action taken against Mark wouldn’t have anything to do with the supply of principals within DOE. According to Taitano, she will have a conference call with Underwood , who is currently off island, to see what the second action will be taken against Mark. Taitano says whatever the decision, they want FBLG to be prepared before the students return to the school from their holiday vacation.