DOE Working On Response to Protest Over Food Service Award to Sodexo


Guam – The Department of Education is working on a contingency plan to make sure that a food service contract protest does not interfere with lunchtime at our island’s public schools when school resumes in August.

As PNC reported on Friday, the food service contract was awarded to Sodexo last week however a protest was filed post contract. DOE has yet to identify the company that filed a protest while they work on a letter of response.  Meanwhile Interim Superintendent Taling Taitano says DOE is working on a contingency plan to make sure that the protest will not interfere with food service.

“Our Legal Counsel along with the Attorney Generals office are looking at our options,” Taitano said. “We’re developing a Contingency Plan that we hope we won’t have to invoke for if the contractor isn’t able to serve the meals.”

Four companies filed bids for the food service contract this year.  King’s was the food service vendor at DOE for the past nine years prior to the award to Sodexo.