DOE’s Emergency Meeting Goes Into Executive Session


Guam – The Guam Education Board scheduled an emergency meeting on Wednesday night, which was held at DOE’s conference room, to discuss the third-party fiduciary agent for the Department of Education.


According to DOE Superintendent Dr Nerissa Underwood, U.S. DOE, the third party and all the parties involved are in the process of reviewing the contract before they sign the agreement. Underwood says the main focus for tonight meeting is to ensure that the Guam Education Board accept DOE’s proposal for the third party fiduciary agent before the contract is signed.  

Underwood says its important that DOE have the 3rd party contract approved immediately so they can get their operations going. The U.S. DOE won’t release the federal funds until the 3rd party is able to establish their financial management system. She also says funds won’t be released until the third party is up and running.

The Guam Education Board members called for an executive session and due to the procurement law, everyone who attended the meeting was asked to leave, except for DOE’s attorneys, the board members and the superintendent.