Does Moylan’s Campaign Violate FEC Rules?

Moylan's Campaign Sign and the Federal Election Commission logo

“Moylan’s campaign violates Federal Election rules.”

read the Democratic of Guam’s release sent yesterday morning.

The Democratic Party filed a complaint to the Federal Election Commission regarding Sen. James Moylan’s campaign for Congress. They say the congressional candidate’s campaign is in violation of federal law in regard to “clear and conspicuous” notice of outdoor displays.

Democratic Party Chair, Tony Babauta

Democratic Party Chair Tony Babauta adds that none of Moylan’s radio ads include a “Paid For” disclaimer as required by the FEC.

“Although this seems like a technical issue,” says Babauta. “It is a clear violation of federal law.”

He adds, “The fact that the Moylan campaign is not in compliance with the federal requirements raises questions about fitness for federal office.”

Moylan’s Response

“We disagree,” responded Moylan’s campaign committee. The committee questioned the timing of the violation, which they say “obviously represents the sentiments” of their opponent. The committee points out that their campaign signs have been posted since April of this year, further questioning the Party’s motive to file a complaint a week before the election.

Moylan’s supporters hanging their sign over candidate’s poster after the 2022 Primary.

“This is obviously a desperate political move,” says the Moylan campaign committee.

Federal Election Commission Rules

In regard to disclaimers, Federal Election Commission Rules state that disclaimers aren’t necessary if:

  • It cannot be conveniently printed (for example, pens, bumper stickers, campaign pins, campaign buttons and similar small items);

  • Its display is not practicable (for example, wearing apparel, water towers and skywriting); or

  • The item is of minimal value, does not contain a political message and is used for administrative purposes (for example, checks and receipts).

According to the FEC, should the Commission find that a campaign violation has occurred, the penalties vary from a letter reiterating the obligations of a campaign committee to monetary fines.