Don’t fall for fake IRS phone calls


The Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division is warning island residents about a new scam by fake Internal Revenue Service representatives.

Guam – A.G. Spokeswoman Carlina Charfarous says that the scam involves phone calls by people claiming to be from the IRS. The calls were coming from the Washington D.C. area. These scammers are demanding a payment of taxes and are also asking for personal information. However, the IRS does not make phone calls for people who are behind in taxes. The IRS will instead mail an official letter.

“The IRS never calls you on your phone. They will always mail it to you at your mailing address. So, if you receive a call hang up because they are not from the IRS,” said Deputy A.G. Fred Nishihira.

“We want number one first and foremost that Guam consumers know do not give out any personal information. Do not give out your bank account numbers, your home address, your street address, stay away from giving any information out and then call our office immediately so that we can report it to the public,” said Charfauros

The A.G.’s office says if you receive a phone call that you suspect could be a scam or if there is a phone call that you simply aren’t sure about, contact the A.G.’s consumer protection division.