Gas down to $3.15 a gallon now


The price of a gallon of unleaded has fallen again, dropping to $3.15.

Mobil as usual led the way Thursday afternoon with a 15-cent cut in its price for a gallon of regular unleaded. Circle 76 was next, and Shell followed suit overnight.

All three island fuel suppliers set prices in lockstep with each other, and almost always in that order.

This was the eighth straight decrease in price this year, spurred for the most part by the economic impact of the coronavirus which has grounded thousands of airline flights and keep millions at home and off the roads.

Prices have been falling in line with the plunge in demand for crude oil.

Guam gets its gas from Singapore where the price for Malaysia’s Tapis crude has fallen to $30.66, half of what it was at the start of the year.

The average price per gallon stateside had fallen to $1.89 as of Thursday, according to the American Automobile Association.

2020 Price Changes:

*January 1: $4.15

  1. January 8:    10-cent increase to $4.25
  2. January 23:  10-cent decrease to $4.15
  3. February 3:  10-cent decrease to $4.05
  4. March 3:      10-cent decrease to $3.95
  5. March 10:    10-cent decrease to $3.85
  6. March 13:    15-cent decrease to $3.70
  7. March 25:    20-cent decrease to $3.50
  8. April 1:        20 cent decrease to $3.30
  9. April 9:        15 cent decrease to $3.15