DPHSS: 317 Children Under Care of Protective Services on Guam


Guam – The Department of Public Health has released the following update on the number of abused and neglected children on Guam.

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Four of the above listed children have disabilities.

To date, 28 children remain placed in foster care with a licensed foster family. Because there aren’t enough foster families, 3 of these children continue to live temporarily at DYA, 13 at Alee I, 4 at Sanctuary, 1 in a medical facility, 2 at a treatment facility, 2 at the Department of Mental Health, 89 at relative placement, 16 with non-relatives, and 34 are in parents’ physical custody.

There curremtly are 191 children in foster care right now, and 0 children on a wait list for a foster home.

Please call Cindy Chugrad at 475-2653/2672 or First Lady Christine Calvo’s office at 475-9475 if your interested in becoming a foster parent.

There were – children reunified physically/legally with their families. Social workers attended 2 court hearings on behalf of children and their families last week.