DPHSS continues to meet with stakeholders on coronavirus

DPHSS Director Linda DeNorcey says her agency tracked down a suspected patient Wednesday morning and cleared him of coronavirus

Although there have been no cases of the novel coronavirus on Guam, the Department of Public Health and Social Services is working to prepare for the disease.

Public Health has been meeting with local healthcare providers, the military, and members of the tourism industry to ensure that they are informed about the novel coronavirus.

DPHSS Director Linda DeNorcey says she is working to identify how many facilities throughout the island can be used as isolation rooms in the event that an outbreak happens on Guam.

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“We want to anticipate that if there is an overflow of patients in one area, that we are able to recommend another area to keep the public very safe,” DeNorcey said.

She also encourages healthcare providers to assess their inventory and start ordering necessary supplies such as face masks.

She adds that the agency is working to provide educational tools to the community.

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“We’re working on getting the information and everyone can help. This is a disease that can affect the entire community and everyone has to be together and work on addressing this particular infection and combating it so we can make the island safe for everyone,” DeNorcey said.

Educational materials such as PSAs, fact sheets, and public informational briefings will be provided by the department to the public soon.