DPHSS identifies facilities where health care workers tested positive for COVID-19


Among the 136 people on Guam who have tested positive for COVID-19, there are 23 health care workers at five different facilities who have contracted the disease caring for others.

In response to a Freedom of Information Act request filed by the Vigilance Committee, Department of Public Health and Social Services director Linda DeNorcey reported that 12 of the health care employees worked at GMH, six at the Pacific Services Clinic, two at the SDA Clinic, another two at GRMC and one at the FHP clinic.

Vigilance Committee President Michelle Armenta said she the aim of the FOIA was to ensure transparency.

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“The whole point of everything is transparency and we got more information than we expected and I think that we’re pretty happy with that. Not happy that there are more people and more clinics but the transparency portion of it,” Armenta said.

The Vigilance Committee was not formed in response to the coronavirus outbreak. Armenta said it was formed last year to encourage greater transparency on the part of GovGuam.