DPHSS Issues Revised Fee Schedule for Controlled Substance Registration


Guam – The  Director of the Department of Public Health & Social Services wants all medical practitioners and health institutions requiring or possessing the Guam Controlled Substances Registration (GCSR) that a revised fee schedule for the issuance of the GCSR will be effective next Monday, May 16.
Pursuant to the Administrative Adjudication Law, the required announcement and public hearing for the fee increase was held in February 2010.  The new fee schedule for the issuance of the Guam Controlled Substances Registrations is as follows:

Type of Service                                                                                               Old Fee                New Fee

Manufacturer of pharmaceutical controlled substances – New Applicant          $195.00                $225.00
Manufacturer of pharmaceutical controlled substances – Renewing Applicant  $170.00                $200.00
Distributor of pharmaceutical controlled Substances – New Applicant              $170.00                $200.00
Distributor of pharmaceutical controlled substances – Renewing Applicant      $150.00                $180.00
Individual Practitioner & Institutional Facility – New Applicant                     $120.00                $150.00
Individual Practitioner & Institutional Facility – Renewing Applicant             $100.00                $130.00
Pharmacy – New Applicant                                                                             $150.00                $180.00
Pharmacy – Renewing Applicant                                                                     $120.00                $150.00
Re-issuance of CSR due to loss, amendment, etc.                                              $ 10.00                 $ 10.00

Should you require any additional information, you may reach the Processing Center Section of the Division of Environmental Health at 735-7205 or 735-7221.