DPHSS looking into San Nicolas stay at GovGuam isolation facility; congressman now in GMH

Congressman Michael San Nicolas grimaces in a video he posted in Facebook announcing his illness.

Guam Congressman Michael San Nicolas says he’s received a “clinical positive for COVID” assessment, which requires immediate isolation and monitoring.

He gave the update on his Facebook account late Thursday night.

In the post, San Nicolas said a COVID swab showed a negative result “possibly due to any contraction of the virus still being in its ‘early’ stage and viral load too low for the rapid test to pick up.”

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The post just before that included a video in which San Nicolas said that he’s staying in the Bayview Hotel government isolation facility. However, he said he was in the facility for viral pneumonia and that he hadn’t yet tested positive for COVID, but he was staying there as a precaution due to his symptoms.

He also said he wanted to avoid going to the hospital to avoid adding more stress to Guam’s healthcare system.

In an interview with Newstalk K57’s Patti Arroyo Friday morning, Public Health spokesperson Janela Carrera said isolation facilities are for those who have been diagnosed with COVID only.

She said although she doesn’t want to give the impression that there is some sort of formal or criminal investigation, Public Health is looking into San Nicolas’ stay at the Bayview Hotel facility.

Congressional candidate Robert Underwood issued a release Friday morning saying he and his wife are praying for San Nicolas’ recovery.

Meanwhile, San Nicolas has since been transferred to GMH.