DPHSS: No defective J&J COVID vaccines shipped to Guam

This July 2020 photo provided by Johnson & Johnson shows a vial of the COVID-19 vaccine in Belgium. (J&J photo)

Guam Public Health’s chief medical officer Dr. Felix Cabrera assured Friday that none of the defective Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccines made it to Guam.

Various media outlets reported that 15 million doses of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine were bad.

The doses were made by the Baltimore-based firm Emergent BioSolutions.

Fortunately, Dr. Cabrera said that none of those doses made it out into the supply chain.

He told NewsTalk K57’s Patti Arroyo that the doses were part of a test run to prepare for large-scale production.

The run of vaccines failed to meet the FDA’s quality standards so they were discarded.

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ABC News reported that the FDA has previously cited the company for numerous deficiencies that run the gamut from faulty supplies and facilities maintenance to poorly trained employees.

Cabrera said that rather than raise concerns about the safety of COVID vaccines, the fact that a sub-standard run of doses was identified should inspire confidence.

“If anything, it highlights that we’re not afraid … that the manufacturers are not afraid to call a foul when there’s a foul. And the quality and safety standards are there, which are the primary goal before anything else. If anything that gives us some reassurance,” Cabrera said.


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