DPHSS official says they have enough monoclonal antibody treatments

(Monoclonal antibodies treatment)

The Department of Public Health and Social Services says it has enough monoclonal antibody treatments for everybody who needs them.

Dr. Robert Leon Guerrero, Interim Chief Medical Officer of the Department of Public Health and Social Services, said they are not turning anybody away and they have enough antibody treatments for everyone who needs them, in fact, more than enough.

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The doctor was responding to a news release issued by Sen. Frank Blas Jr. who said a COVID-positive resident died recently because of the lack of monoclonal antibody treatment.

“There is no shortage. In fact, we were anticipating that we could give at least 40 to 60 treatments a day. But the most that we’ve given would be about somewhere between 20 and 25. And lately, we’re down to just getting around 10 to 15,” Dr. Leon Guerrero said during a media briefing Thursday.

He added that they’re even encouraging the clinics that do COVID testing to send the high-risk positive patients to get antibody treatment at their facility in Mangilao.

“But I can tell you, the number of high-risk people that qualify for antibody treatment is decreasing. Thank God! And I think that’s because the overall rate of COVID is decreasing thanks to the boosters and hopefully, those that qualify for boosters are getting it,” the doctor said.

But with regard to the supply of monoclonal antibody treatments, Dr. Leon Guerrero said they don’t have a problem.

“At this point, now, we got more than enough,” the doctor said.