DPHSS: Private Commercial Testing for Coronavirus Now Available through DLS


The Department of Public Health has announced that private commercial testing for coronavirus exposure is now being offered by Diagnostic Laboratory Services.

Testing through DLS is available as of today, Tuesday March 31.

According to a “physicians alert” issued Monday by Public Health Director Linda DeNorcey DLS health care providers can now refer specimens “from patients who do not meet the criteria for priority group testing” directly to DLS.

Persons who may have mild symptoms of the flu but don’t qualify for testing by Guam Public Health may now contact their health care provider who can take a specimen from you and for private testing.

Testing is not done in person at DLS locations on Guam. Do not go directly to DLS and ask for a test.

You must first go to your private physician or clinic. They must then take a sample and send it to DLS which will then send the sample to Hawaii for testing. The results should then be available within 2 or 3 days.

COVID-19 testing is covered under Medicare and Medicaid and MIP.