DPHSS Requests For 47 Million More in Fiscal Years 2023 Budget

Department of Public Health and Social Services officials testify during the department's budget hearing on June 25.

During yesterday’s budget hearing – the Department of Public Health and Social Services is requesting monies in the millions for the 2023 Fiscal Year Budget.

PNC’s Damen Michael has this story

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During yesterday’s budget hearing, Public Health requested approximately 145 million dollars. Out of that funding – Public Health reports that approximately 17 million dollars would fund personnel and roughly 127 million dollars would be for operational funding.

Art San Augstin, Director of DPHSS stated, ” our overall budget request for Fiscal Year 2023 the department’s overall budget request consists of local funds of 70 million 48 thousand 5 hundred and 17 thousand the breakdown consists of 66 million 394 957 from the general fund and 9 million 653 558 from special revenue funds. These amounts include DPHSS’ total cost of operations local match requirements for our federal grants, federal grants funding source for the local match is estimated to be 75 million 289 418 the total overall budget request for DPHSS is $145,337,934.”

Among the divisions both the department of general admissions and public health are seeking approximately 4 million dollars, environmental health is requesting around 2 million dollars, the division of senior citizens has requested approximately 15 million, division of pubic welfare accumulated the largest request of 113 million and finally the division of children’s wellness roughly 6 million dollars.

A concern brought up by Director San Agustin is that some divisions have been impacted by COVID-19, in which he requests additional funds due to these shortfalls. The two divisions with concerns are the newly created division for children’s wellness and the division of senior citizens.

Director San Augstin added, ” our newly created established division of children wellness is in need of providing additional services related to foster care group home due to the increase in the number of children and families in need of these protected services in additional the division of senior citizen is need of additional cost due to the increase in cost of meals and transportation and other services. Additional request for DSC and DCW are 769,877 and 10,326,270 respectfully. ”

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