DPHSS seeks to accelerate shipments of mosquito repellent

GEPA is urging the community to only use pesticide and repellent products and devices that have both an EPA Registration Number and an EPA Established Number such as the repellent shown in this photo.

The Department of Public Health and Social Services has asked the Guam Chamber of Commerce to help accelerate the shipments of repellents and other mosquito-fighting supplies in light of the dengue situation on island.

Responding to the DPHSS request, the Chamber is now working with retail and wholesale merchants to expedite the shipment of mosquito repellent and supplies such as DEET (mosquito repellent), mosquito bed nets, and other mosquito-related supplies.

The Guam Environmental Protection Agency is also aware of the pesticide and repellent supply challenges that local retailers and distributors are facing as the community becomes more proactive in reducing the transmission of dengue through the sudden and increased use of these products.

In light of the recent dengue cases, GEPA Administrator Walter S. Leon Guerrero directed the agency’s pesticides enforcement program to process all notice of arrivals (NOAs) with a same-day turn around so that supply challenges can be addressed.

Guam Customs and Quarantine Agency has also been directed to permit mosquito repellents and devices that may arrive with passengers at the A.B. Won Pat International Airport Authority. However, these items must be for personal use only. CQA will continue to confiscate mosquito repellents and items that are for commercial resale that do not bear the following: name, brand, or trademark, ingredient statement, direction for use, warning or caution statements, weight of measure of content, EPA-registration number, NOA and classification statement.

The Guam Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Pesticides Enforcement Program (PEP)
reminds the community that all parties intending to import pesticide and repellent products and devices into the island must submit a Notice of Arrival (NOA) with the agency, prior to the arrival of shipment.

A NOA is a legal document that is tendered by pesticide and repellent product importers for the sole purpose of collecting critical information concerning the importation and consignment of these types of products.