DPHSS: Think Toy Safety for Kid’s Sake


Guam – As we plan to buy that perfect toy this holiday season, the Department of Public Health and Social Services is advising shoppers to pay close attention to the toys they purchase and keep safety at the top of their shopping lists during the nation’s busiest toy-buying season.

The following are safety tips adapted from the Consumer Product Safety Commission and the National Safe Kids Campaign:

•       When selecting toys, consider the child’s age, interest, and skill level. Read toy labels for age and safety information.
•       Before you have settled on a perfect toy, check to make sure there aren’t any small parts or other potential choking hazards.
•       Always remove and discard packaging from a toy before giving it to a child.  Carefully read instructions for assembly and use.
•       Discard broken balloons at once.
•       Avoid building or play sets with small magnets because these items may be accidentally ingested and cause severe damage or even death.
•       If your child persists of having a new bike, skateboard, scooter, or other riding equipment, be sure to include a helmet to keep them safe while they are    having fun.
•       Check old and new toys regularly for damages such as sharp edges or small parts.
•       Actively supervise children when they play, paying particular attention to ensure they are kept in sight and in reach.  Simply being in the same room as they play is not necessarily adequate supervision.
•       Teach children to put toys away after playing to prevent falls and unsupervised play.  Use a bin or container to store toys.  Make sure there are no holes or hinges that could injure little fingers.

During this time of giving, be careful with the toys you buy.

For more information, please call the Division of Environmental Health at 735-7221.