DPHSS will recommend that hotels ask for proof of vaccination during social events

Island hotels. (PNC file photo)

Governor Lou Leon Guerrero said on Wednesday that Public Health will be asking hotels and other establishments hosting social events to require proof of vaccination.

This comes as COVID-19 cases continue to rise on Guam and many of them are traced to social gatherings, including a recent wedding reception.

“We are recommending, and Public Health is going to move that forward, to ask people in these establishments and social events to require proof of vaccination to be part of the event. That’s something that we will be messaging out to the hotels and restaurants, through the Guam Hotel and Restaurants Association, and to recommend and suggest … highly suggest … that they impose that kind of requirement in their events,” Leon Guerrero said in a news conference.

The governor also reiterated that GovGuam is authorized to issue citations against those who violate COVID-19 mandates and protocols.

“We have in our rules and regulations, the authority to cite violators of the mandate … anywhere from, you know, not wearing masks to even public restaurants and establishments for not adhering to the protocol,” Leon Guerrero said.