DPW Authorizes School Buses To Be Operated Without Safety Inspections


Guam – The Department of Public Works has authorized school buses to be operated without safety inspections until the end of this month.

A memorandum authorizing  School Bus drivers to operate vehicles whose safety inspections have expired was signed on August 9th by then Acting DPW Director Jesse Garcia.

Read the Memorandum to School Bus Drivers            

In an interview with PNC News Thursday, DPW Director Andy Leon Guerrero acknowledged that some buses are operating without safety inspections, but he emphasized that all the buses are safe and every effort is being made to get the buses in for their inspections as soon as possible.

Only 40% of the buses have been inspected to date.

“The buses are actually safe,” said Leon Guerrero, “the only thing is now they need to go to get their safety inspections. Its just like you for instance, you own a car, you needed a safety inspection in May, you forgot, you got a safety inspection in June,  but you know your car is safe.”

DPW is operating only 80 school buses. 110 are need to accommodate the school bus schedule. Some school officials have complained about the delays in getting students pickup up.