DPW Director Says no Asbestos in Old DOA Building


Although it was previously thought that the building contained asbestos DPW Director Glenn Leon Guerrero says the Guam EPA tested it for asbestos and the tests came back negative. 

Guam – The old Manuel Guerrero or Department of Administration building is being torn down in Hagatna and some have raised concerns about the demolition because the building was thought to contain asbestos.


 In fact both the Department of Public Works and the Guam Environmental Protection Agency previously told lawmakers during public hearings on the bill to demolish the building that the building contained asbestos and other toxic materials. The demolition of buildings with asbestos requires specific care and safety procedures. However, Department of Public Works Director Glenn Leon Guerrero tells PNC that the Guam EPA conducted tests and found that there was no asbestos. “We were initially concerned about that but that was allayed by EPA actually they actually went into the building and did some testing,” said Leon Guerrero.


 Leon Guerrero says because this issue has been brought up several times he will ask for copies of the actual tests that were done by Guam EPA.