DPW Making Good Use of Section 408 Highway Safety Grants


Guam – The Department of Public Works was recently awarded $500,00 under the National Highway Safety Administration [NHTSA] Section 408 State Safety Information System Improvement federal grant.

Section 408 grants encourage States and Territories to adopt and implement effective programs to improve the timeliness, accuracy, completeness uniformity, integration and accessibility of State data that are needed to identify priorities for national, State and local highway and traffic safety programs. This also allows the opportunity to analyse national trends in crash occurrences, rates outcomes and circumstances.

Completed phases under this program include the recent implamentation of the Guam Police Department’s E-Citation project wherein traffic citations are now electronically created using laptops and printers in the car and transmits the date to a centralized location for Guam Judiciary Court’s processing and adjudication.

The online system for Crash Analysis and Reporting [OSCAR] which is secured web based system, provides government agencies the tools to perform comprehensive island-wide traffic safety data analysis.