DPW And OPA Meet To Clarify the Maintenance Costs IBC Wants for the New JFK


Guam – Department of Public Works Director Andy Leon Guerrero met with members from the Department of Education and Public Auditor Doris Flores Brooks Wednesday afternoon.

The closed door meeting was called to answer the Public Auditor’s questions about the International Bridge Corporation’s [IBC] high maintenance costs for the JFK rebuild project.

Leon Guerrero told PNC News “The maintenance contract that was proposed is a bit high, but the reason being is that we don’t want to repeat what happened to Southern High School. You have a school worth millions of dollars and if you can’t provide the proper maintenance, the results will be another Southern  and we definitely we want to avoid that.” 

Brooks said  “The last few things are the hardest ones to put together, we are at the final stage and we are about 90% complete, but as you know the last 10% always seems to be the hardest. Look what happen, we needed a last minute legislation to occur. What we are saying is that we are putting DPW on notice that we don’t know what they negotiated.”

Brooks says if DPW can explain the high costs to her satisfaction, she’ll issue a letter saying they are satisfied.

Leon Guerrero says it could take a couple of days to explain all the costs.