DPW needs time to estimate cost of Public Health building repair

DPW Deputy Director Jesse Garcia agrees with the Guam Fire Department's assessment that the DPHSS building in Mangilao is unsafe.

It will be a few weeks before the Department of Public Works can come up with an estimate for the repairs needed at the now-closed Department of Public Health and Social Services main office in Mangilao.

DPW Deputy Director Jesse Garcia said DPHSS Director Linda DeNorcey has asked for an assessment of the damage and the cost to replace the old wiring.

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Garcia says DPW agrees with the Guam Fire Department’s assessment that the building is unsafe.

He said DPW’s chief engineer, Masoud Teimoury, will conduct a thorough inspection of the wiring and other issues in the 46-year-old building and come up with an estimate to make the necessary repairs.

“It would be unsafe to have the building be energized until a full engineering inspection has been done regarding the electrical. And then we also discovered additional cracks in the building because of the age. So it’s unsafe at this point in time for them to operate until we determine our engineering estimate of how much repairs are needed,” Garcia said.

Garcia said it may be a few weeks before DPW will be able to come up with a cost for the repairs that are needed to make the building safe again.

He declined to make a preliminary estimate on the costs until the chief engineer has completed his assessment.