VIDEO: DPW Proposes New Route for Tiyan Parkway


Guam – The Department of Public Works has issued a request for proposal for the environmental and design assessment of the Tiyan parkway project. According to DPW’s new director Joanne Brown, they have settled on a proposal that they think can be accomplished by 2013.

 The Tiyan parkway is a project that would re-route part of the road in Tiyan allowing the A.B. Wonpat International Airport Authority more space. The project has met opposition in the past when DPW’s plans involved running the new road through private cliff line property. DPW’s new director is now looking at a new plan one that should minimize the impact to private property owners in the area and still allow access through Tiyan. “Certainly the department has been looking at alternative routes through Tiyan that would allow us to facilitate the traffic and yet at the same time allow the airport to meet their safety zone requirements,” said DPW Director Joanne Brown.

 Brown says that the route they’re currently proposing would utilize central avenue up until the road hits the GPD headquarters. Once there instead of curving immediately left to Rt.8 as the road does now, it will be extended out until it reaches the Benson hardware and Cars Plus area of Rt.8. this is where the new road would connect to Rt. 8. “Right where that curve where GPD currently is now and connect from there and add the new road between there and where we’re talking about connecting between Cars Plus and Bensons on the Barrigada side that to me is something we can do in a lot shorter period of time,” said Brown.

 The DPW director says it’s important to complete the new road as soon as possible because the airport is looking at closing the current access road by the summer of 2012. “There’s no doubt if that road is closed without an alternate route being provided it’s going to be a tremendous inconvenience to our island residents and there’s no doubt it’s going to back up existing marine drive traffic,” said Brown.

 The new DPW director says while the airport may have other ideas of how they would like to proceed the plan DPW is proposing should be the quickest to implement. “I think any other plans that expand beyond that is gonna take a lot more time and money and I think also questions as to whether or not the land owners there are agreeable for any activity happening on their property to have it purchased,” said Brown. She adds that DPW’s job is to look at road access and traffic issues. She believes that their proposal takes care of DPW’s concerns about traffic while addressing the airports concerns.