DPW Receives 45 New School Buses


As of today, there are 120 buses in the fleet.

Guam – Some public school students are now riding new school buses.

The Department of Public Works purchased 45 new buses bringing their fleet total at 170. So far, 27 buses have arrived and are out on the road already while another 18 buses are expected by August. At the unveiling of the buses yesterday, Governor Eddie Calvo said the new buses will help ensure that students will get to and from school in a safe and timely manner. The island’s school bus system currently serves about 31,000 students each day and accommodate more than 170 school bus routes.

Guam Department of Education Superintendent says the students are loving the new buses. He says, “I’m just grateful that DPW was able to complete this process and deliver our new buses. That may help us in the future to deal with better transportation but right now kids are happy to have a new vehicle, have enough room to get on the bus without being too crowded and that’s what I look forward to. I know there are more buses on the way. I congratulate DPW and thank them as a partner but really let them know that the students see it and feel it and they’re letting me know.”

In addition to the 45 buses, DPW anticipates purchasing about 5 more buses using using unspent funds from previous year’s budgets.



  1. I would recommend that Public Works not be allowed to maintain these buses because that the word MAINTAIN doesn’t exist in their vocabulary. The words that do exist are CANNIBALIZING (taking parts from other buses) and PROCRASTINATION (waiting until we’re in dire need of new buses). Just leave the maintenance int he hands of professionals (like Triple J mechanics) and not the so called mechanics at Public Works. It’s just common sense.

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