DPW Fails to Remove All Abandoned Vehicles and Tires From Its Compound


Guam – In a weekly status report on the progress being made in cleaning up the environmental hazards at the DPW compound, the Guam Attorney General notes that not all the abandoned cars and tires have been removed.

The report notes that then Acting DPW Director Jesse Garcia had stated in the June 1 status report that “the abandoned vehicles and tires had been removed.”

But last Thursday a representative from the Guam Attorney General’s Office “became aware that while the area around the Solid Waste Management Division’s building has been cleared of DPW vehicles and tires, additional vehicles and tires remain on other areas of the DPW compound.”

Read the DPW Status Report           

The report states that DPW Director Andy Leon Guerrero told the Attorney General that “DPW was under the impression that the area to be cleared only involved the area around the Solid Waste Management Division building.”  Not so, says the Attorney General.

The AG  had to “clarify” for DPW that “the Court Order refers to the ‘DPW compound'” and that DPW is “required to remove all the abandoned vehicles and tires” from its compound.

A vendor has begun removing the remaining tires from the compound. But the remaining vehicles belong to the Guam Police Department and GPD will now have to put out a bid to remove their abandoned vehicles, states the report.

As for the old oil drums on the site, GRESCO Environmental has submitted plans to remove the drums.

The weekly updates are a requirement of District Court Judge Francis Tydingco Gatewood who has been oversee the federal receivership of the Solid Waste Division and the construction of a new landfill in Layon.

A quarterly status hearing  on the landfill is schedueld for District Court Wednesday morning.