DPW’s ‘Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over’ Campaign Targets Holiday Season


DPW Director Glenn Leon Guerrero talks about the campaign. 

Guam – This coming holiday season on Guam, the Department of Public Works, Office of Highway Safety wants people to know that residents should drive sober or be prepared to get pulled over.


The annual, “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” conference brought together various representatives from law enforcement agencies and the office of highway safety to educate residents on the dangers of drunk driving. The office of highway safety usually has four campaigns a year that promote highway safety on Guam.


“We want to hit off the message to the public about drunk driving and make sure they get a designated driver, if they go out to a party, if they drink and consume because the GPD guys will be out there and of they get caught, it’s an automatic. Go to jail,” said Cil Javier, Office of Highway Safety.


DPW Director Glenn Leon Guerrero explains the progress DPW has made in terms of drunk driving.


 “I’m real pleased because, you know last year we had about 19 fatalities, this year we have nine so significant improvement and a lot of that is drivers are driving sensibly and we are increasing our enforcement efforts, here we have got numerous safety exercises that we do for drunk drivers,” said Leon Guerrero.


For more information you can contact the office of highway safety @ 647-4343