DPW Activating New 5-Head Traffic Signal at Tri-Intersection FRIDAY


Guam – The Department of Public Works will be activating a new traffic signal system at the Tri-Intersection in Barrigada.


The new Traffic Signal System will feature two five-light traffic signal heads for turning right onto Route 16 from Route 10 and two three-light traffic signal heads for turning left onto Route 8.

“This new traffic signal system has been incorporated into the Tri-Intersection to optimize efficiency of the intersection,” said Joanne Brown, director of DPW. “This is a new type of signal light system for Guam and we ask all motorists to proceed with caution when going through the intersection.”

The five-head signal light for motorists turning right onto Route 16 features a yellow and green right turn arrow in addition to the standard red, yellow and green balls. The DPW Division of Highways is currently installing loop detectors and conducting testing on the system. It is anticipated that the new signal system will be activated today for testing and observation and will be fully operational by Friday, March 9.

The DPW requests that all motorists proceed with caution through the intersection and obey all traffic signals and signs in the area.