DPW To Build 65 Wooden Bus Shelters


Guam- 5 bus shelters have been built so far by the Department of Public Works (DPW) using in house materials to address the shortage of shelters around the island.

DPW Director Joanne Brown says the General Services Agency (GSA) just awarded the bid to build 65 wooden bus shelters. About $100 thousand dollars were already allocated for the project through Public Law 30-216. Brown states part of the reason for the shortage of shelters is because DPW has had to demolish some concrete ones that were built in the late 1990’s. She says these permanent structures were sitting on private property and doesn’t know why those public easements were not addressed until now.

“It’s not really a good thing” said Brown. “ But you know, the old functional, reliable, traditional wooden bus shelters that have been very functional for many years are actually what we are constructing now. And the benefit of them, if in the event they are in the wrong place, they can be moved. However, DPW is making sure that before we locate any new shelter, even if it is a wooden shelter, we want verification that it’s on public easement.”

The wooden shelters will be secured using concrete foundation on all four corners. Brown also mentions DPW will be working with the Guam Community College for this project.