DPW to resurface ITC intersection, one of the busiest thoroughfares on Guam

ITC intersection (file photo)

The Department of Public Works will embark on major road upgrade projects next year, the biggest of which will be the resurfacing of one of the busiest thoroughfares on Guam.

DPW director Vince Arriola, in a speech before the Rotary Club of Guam, said DPW will be starting a resurfacing project from Carlos Camacho Road, where the old Pizza Hut used to be, all the way up to the airport intersection.

Included in this project is the upgrade of the critical ITC intersection, one of the busiest intersections on island.

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All in all, the work will be done on some of the heaviest traversed roadways on Guam.

The work also involves the reconstruction of all medians in that stretch of road.

Arriola said DPW is very aware of the potential traffic jams that their project could cause.

To mitigate this, Arriola said they will try to do most of the work during night-time and during the weekends.

Under the DPW plan, however, the ITC intersection will be totally closed down for at least two weekends.

Fortunately, Arriola said, Tamuning has a lot of alternative routes that motorists can take.

The contract has already been awarded to Hawaiian Rock and work is expected to start early next year.