Dr. Berg Updates Community on Moving Forward Through Post Pandemic

Dr. Nathaniel Berg (File photo)

In light of recent COVID deaths, Dr. Nathaniel Berg gave further details on moving forward through the pandemic safely.

PNC’s Devin Eligio has the story…

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Over the past 3 days, the island has seen an uptick in COVID cases reported. On June 11th, the island reported 80 cases. On June 12th, 81 cases. And on June 13th, yesterday, 24 cases. This makes up a total of 185 cases between June 10th through June 12th.

5 people have been hospitalized from COVID.

Even further, the island grieves over 2 more COVID-related fatalities in the past 2 days — making it the 368th and 369th COVID passing on Guam.

Dr. Nathaniel Berg joined Jayne Flores on Newstalk K57 to remind the public to stay cautious about the ongoing pandemic.

He states, “Masks probably made a difference, social distancing probably made a difference, slowing down the movement of people during periods where we had the virus, ya know, everywhere in our community almost assuredly made a difference, but the big thing has been the vaccines.”

According to the Joint Information Center, as of June 11th, 137,092 of the island’s residents are fully vaccinated — making up over 90% of Guam’s population.

Dr. Berg cautions to stay vigilant despite the easing of, not only COVID restrictions but attitudes toward COVID. He stated, “Don’t be putting your guards down completely. We need to sort of taking common-sense approaches to this.”

Since the start of the COVID pandemic, a majority of COVID-related fatalities came from Guam’s manamko population.

Dr. Berg stressed the importance of getting vaccinated, especially for those taking care of the island’s elderly population.

Dr. Nathaniel Berg, Territorial Chief Medical Officer stated, “One thing we do know is that vaccines, for sure, diminish the risk of dying, particularly those who have risk factors.”

Dr. Berg continued to stress that if any individual feels even the slightest need to get tested or to go to the hospital, those individuals should go do so.

Free COVID Vaccination Clinics remain open at the DPHSS Community Health Centers in Dededo and Inarajan from Monday through Friday and at Agana Shopping Center on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

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