Dr. Friedman Says GMH “Is Not Safe” for Many Patients


Guam – At his legislative confirmation hearing this morning [Friday] Dr. Sam Friedman said it is not safe for many patients to be at GMH.

Dr. Friedman has been appointed to the Guam Board of Medical Examiners.

He resigned from the hospital three years ago. He told the committee that he doesn’t send his patients to GMH.

“I think when the hospital gets up to the standard of care where its safe to put patients in, which it isn’t now,” Friedman said in response to a question from Senator B.J.  Cruz.

“I think right now its not safe for many patients to be there,” he said.

“Where would you send them?” Senator Cruz continued.

“I don’t send them,” Friedman replied quickly “We treat them as an outpatient.”

Dr. Friedman also revealed a recent case where a woman in labor died, unnecessarily.  “There was a young woman who died in labor two months ago it was a preventable case…it never came up for scrutiny at all,” he said.

When asked by Senator Ada whether he would focus on the quality of people applying for medical licenses or on cleaning up at Guam Memorial Hospital, Dr. Friedman said “I think we should defiantly be looking at people better when they apply but there’s also been a great lack of reporting to the board on gross medical problems.”

Friedman said its important to screen new doctors but added that he also wants to make sure problems at GMH are reported to the Board, unlike in the past.

While no one provided oral testimony against Dr. Friedman during the hearing, the committee did receive written testimony against him including a petition.

Dr. Friedman said the petition was circulated by a Supervisor at GMH that he has had disagreements with in the past.