Dr. Jon Marc Rhoads Speaks to GMA About Abdominal Pain in Children


Guam – Tonight the Guam Medical Association will hear from pediatric gastroenterologist Dr. Jon Marc Rhoads.

Dr. Rhoads is a professor at the University of Texas at Houston and his topic of discussion will be “Abdominal pain in children: my achy, braky gut.” Dr. Rhoads will help doctors on Guam recognize the different diagnosis of abdominal pain and it’s relation to localization, the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome and functional abdominal pain, describe theories of functional bowel disease and recognize and treat function bowel disease. “We want to make sure that he can perhaps come to Guam and do consultations because we do need pediatric gastroenterologist which are specialists dealing with the gastro-intestinal tract you know stomach, intestines and we need them so tonight is just a continued education lecture because we want to make sure we’re educated on the latest updates on pediatric gastroenterology,” said Dr. Tom Shieh.