Dr Joseph Reports Two New Cases of Lyme Disease to Public Health


Guam – Veterinarian Dr. Joel Joseph says he is reporting two cases of Lyme Disease found in dogs at his clinic to the Department of Public Health today.

Dr. Joseph says both cases were detected in the last month but adds that he reported another case to the Department of Public Health before the year 2005.  Staff at Public Health said they had not received information on the new cases from Dr. Joseph’s office and were unable to confirm whether or not a previous case was reported as of 4:15pm today.  Lyme Disease can be spread from animal to tick, tick to animal and tick to human.

The Veterinarian says he has been fighting to have all animals coming to Guam tested for the disease since the year 2004.  According to Dr. Joseph one of the recently detected cases was contracted while the animal was on island.

“It is time the Government take responsibility,” Joseph said adding that “It is too late” to prevent cases of Lyme Disease on Guam.

Symptoms of Lyme Disease include chills, fever, lethargy, and muscle pain.  Lyme Disease can be treated with antibiotics if the disease is detected in its early stages.