VIDEO: Dr. McNinch Asks FOIA Council if Open Government Law Applies to UOG Faculty Senate


Guam – Dr. Ron McNinch has asked the freedom of information act or foia council to provide him with an opinion on the applicability of the open government law to the UOG faculty senate.

Dr. McNinch says that he was elected by the SBPA faculty to serve for a year on the UOG faculty senate. This senate is a policy panel chartered by the UOG board of regents. McNinch says that a meeting was held on September 19th of 2013 without his knowledge. He says the faculty senate went into a closed door executive executive session and decided not to approve McNinch’s appointment to the UOG faculty senate.

“One of the options under the FOIA council is to ask them for an opinion and I’ve asked them for an opinion over a practice at UOG a faculty senate which is a chartered organization under the board of regents. Can they meet in secret? Which is a practice that they’ve been doing,” explained Dr. McNinch.

 McNinch believes that the executive session held by the UOG faculty senate was a violation of the open government law and he hopes that the FOIA council will provide an opinion on the matter.