Dr. McNinch Says UOG Poll Has AG Race At 50/50 Split and 9-6 Democrat Majority for Legislature

Dr. Ron Mcninch says that University of Guam students have just completed a couple of polls one for the A.G.’s race and one for the legislative race.
 180 registered voters were polled from July 9th to July 11th. According to Dr. Mcninch the legislative race will probably be a 9-6 or 8-7 Democrat majority however he says that they will not be releasing the placement of senators at this time as it is still too early. The A.G.’s race is split 50/50 according to this latest poll between Elizabeth Barrett Anderson and A.G. Lenny Rapadas. Mcninch says there is a plus or minus 5% error. He says that during the time frame of the previous poll there was a 2 day cycle of media coverage of Elizabeth Barret Anderson which could have led to the previous poll showin her in a comfortable lead.