Dr. Richardson to Answer to Charges that He Harassed Heart Attack Patient


His arraignment is scheduled for 10 am at the Superior Court of Guam.

Guam – Former GMH Emergency Room physician Dr. Ian Richardson will be appearing in court tomorrow to answer to charges that he harassed a heart attack patient last year.



The incident took place in March last year, but Dr. Richardson wasn’t charged until a year later. A complaint states that Dr. Richardson verbally assaulted Christopher Allen who was at the ER with chest pains.

At the time that Allen was hospitalized, he and Dr. Richardson were already embroiled in another assault case from 2009. In that case, Richardson is accused of attacking Allen when Allen tried to serve him papers.

Fast forward several years later, when Allen became a patient at the ER, police say Richardson verbally assaulted Allen despite repeated requests that he not be allowed to treat or come near the patient.

The report states that Richardson said, “I’m not your doctor anymore … but i’m still the guy you’re suing. You’re my enemy I hate you.” He was asked to leave, police say, but he refused and continued to curse at Allen.

In the 2009 civil case, Dr. Richardson is being represented by the Attorney General’s office. In the 2015 criminal case, the AG’s Office is pursuing charges against the physician.

Richardson will be arraigned tomorrow at 10 am.