VIDEO: Bone Marrow Drive February 10-12; Lives of 2 Guamanian’s at Stake


Guam- Dr. Thomas Shieh needs the community’s help in saving the lives of two people who have leukemia and desperately need bone marrow transplants.


Dr. Shieh has announced a Bone Marrow Drive will be held on Guam in less than two weeks for 40 year old former Guam resident Joey Tyquiengco, who lives in San Francisco, and college graduate Janet Liang, who lives in Southern California. Since the initial test consists of doing a simple cheek swab and filling out some papers, he encourages people to not wait until the last minute to sign up.

SEE Janet Liang’s appeal HERE

“I think I want people [to not] have those regrets to come on out and make sure they register” said Dr. Shieh. “ It’s going to take 15 minutes to do it. Shouldn’t be too hard. There’s no blood to be drawn. It’s just cheek swabs and we want a lot of people to come out.”

While Dr. Shieh is awaiting a short video message from Joey, he has provided a video clip to PNC of Janet’s plea for help. The 22 year old has until April to find a match or she will die.

“I am so afraid of dying” said Liang. “Feels like I don’t have much time and I realize I’m afraid of dying mostly because of I’m afraid of what I’m leaving behind. And I don’t know if I’ll ever find my match in time.”

The Bone Marrow Drive will be held at the Guam Premier Outlets (GPO) on February 10-12. Dr. Shieh says if there is a match, the National Marrow Donor Program will contact you and pay your way to where the recipient is located. However, he says to be called is like waiting to win the lottery.

For more information on how the drive, contact Dr. Shieh’s Clinic at (671) 648-2229.