Dr. Shieh breaks ground on new state-of-the-art medical facility


Guam – In 1996, OB/GYN Dr. Thomas Shieh began his practice on Guam with just two employees. And now, 22 years and 9,000 babies later, the island’s most well known obstetrician is reaching yet another milestone–opening his own state-of-the-art medical facility.

Dr. Shieh celebrated a groundbreaking ceremony over the weekend with staff, patients, family, friends and notable dignitaries. In fact, some of Dr. Shieh’s patients and the babies he’s delivered helped to break the ground where his new clinic will stand.

It is located across from Shirley’s in Tamuning, just down the road from the Guam Memorial Hospital. The new two-story healthcare center will feature 9,000 square feet of clinic space, with five oversized private exam rooms, a centralized nursing station and a waiting area all on the first floor.

The second floor will house a conference center for planning community service projects, a telemedicine area and a multipurpose room for continuing education. Dr. Shieh even plans to have a medical library for patients to use.

And if you know anything about Dr. Shieh, he’s all about bringing the most advanced technology in women’s health to Guam. Rest assured his new clinic will have top of the line equipment for Guam’s women, mothers and babies.

“My vision really for the clinic is to have the latest technology and the ability to diagnose birth defects earlier and we’re gonna keep doing that and we’ve done that. We can detect genetic defects as early as 11 weeks just by blood. We hardly ever do amniocentesis anymore. Wo we’re going very, very non invasive. The clinic is also helping us diagnose a lot of the cancers earlier, cervical cancer for example,” said Dr. Shieh.

“We identified this area because it’s right up the road from Guam Memorial Hospital and I can get there doing delivery and be back and to my clinic in less than two minutes,” he added.

Dr. Shieh came to Guam in 1996 as a physician with the U.S. Navy but has made Guam his home since. And with his new clinic opening soon, Dr. Shieh announced that he plans to make the island his permanent home.

“By building a brand new clinic, I really have made a decision to continue my practice here on Guam,” Shieh announced. “I’ve delivered close to 9,000 babies, done 7,000 surgical procedures, did bone marrow drives, medical missions and saved a lot of lives. Some of you are the lives that we saved today so I wanna thank you all for giving me the honor to do that. I’m proud of what we’ve done over the last 22-plus years or so. We’ve done a lot of advances and brought to Guam many advances, some advances that not even our Hawaii colleagues have been doing,” he said.

5M Construction is the builder while Setiadi Architects is the premiere architect for this project.