Dr. Shieh: Stop ‘locking up’ residents in GovGuam quarantine hotel


Well-known Island physician, Dr. Tom Shieh, has written a letter to the Governor asking her to allow incoming residents to home quarantine.

All incoming passengers, with some exceptions, have been sent to mandatory 14-day GovGuam hotel quarantine since Friday August 21. That’s when the Governor’s Stay-at-Home order first went into effect.

Since that day, no matter where travelers come from (high or low risk areas), or if they have a negative COVID-test result in hand, they are shuttled to mandatory quarantine in the GovGuam facility (the Dusit Beach Resort – formerly the Outrigger).

Dr. Shieh takes issue with the forced quarantine, writing, “there is no recommendation from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) that states to place and imprison returning residents or even arriving passengers inside a Gov. Guam hotel will prevent spread of COVID-19. In fact, there is also no recommendation to test arriving passengers for COVID-19. I am sure you all know this already.”

Shieh references the CDC saying, “all returning travelers should social distance, wear a cloth face covering, wash their hands often and watch for symptoms. Notably, those are all basic measures the CDC has highlighted to Americans to follow since the beginning of the pandemic, regardless of whether traveling is involved.”

In his pointed letter, Shieh says, “we have done the lockdown, [the] majority of the people of Guam have complied. Now even if there is a minority of individuals who are non-compliant, it does not give a justification to punish innocent people who have returned to our island to be with their families in their own homes. STAY HOME is a term you’ve said over and over, but locking them up in a HOTEL is inconsistent with your own words of being ‘HOME.'”

Dr. Shieh’s full letter:

Dr. Shieh Letter to Gov allow people to go Home