Dr. Turner Encourages Community Members to Make Appointments for the SNIP Program

The pack of stray dogs in Tiyan. (Viewer submitted photo)

Slots for spaying and neutering appointments through the SNIP program go on empty. Guam Territorial veterinarian Dr. Mariana Turner updates that the program has yet to service its projected number of animals.

Due to unfilled slots and residential pet owners unable to make appointments for various reasons, Dr. Turner says the SNIP program has serviced 129 animals, despite its initial goal of 150.

The low-cost spay and neuter services are available with assistance from 10 volunteer vets from Taiwan, whose last surgery day is August 15th. Therefore, Dr. Turner encourages residential pet owners to make appointments to fill the open slots, as walk-ins are not a current option.

Pet owners can set their appointments directly at: https://clinichq.com/online/

Dr. Turner said, “Sign up your pet directly– get your appointment on which day works best for you. Then, you put in if the dog or cat is a female or male and approximately how much it weighs, and we find which slot is available for you.”

Again, slots are still available at the Mongmong-Toto-Maite Community Center. by appointment until August 15th.