Draft bill would require licensing of dogs

Bill 299-35 seeks to assist the Department of Agriculture with their efforts to begin reducing the stray animal population on Guam. (PNC photo)

Yigo mayor Rudy Matanane is working with Guam Territorial Veterinarian Tom Poole and Guam Animals in Need in developing draft legislation that would require the licensing of dogs.

Matanane, in an interview with Phill Leon Guerrero at NewsTalk K57, said the draft bill is aimed at irresponsible residents who don’t take ownership and responsibility for dogs that they feed.

“Many residents feed dogs and the dogs sleep in front of their porches. But if the dog acts bad and bites someone, they disown the dog, saying the dog is not theirs,” Matanane said.

The Yigo mayor said residents should be educated that once you feed a dog, you are responsible for that dog.

“Residents should take personal responsibility. If people just take responsibility, this would immediately cut the number of stray dogs on the island,” Matanane said.