Drive-thru testing being set up for senators and staff present in legislature this week

Community COVID-19 testing. (PNC file photo)

The Executive Director of the Guam Legislature, Joseph R. San Agustin, issued the following memo to all Senators and their staff Thursday:

After a conversation today with Suzanne Kaneshiro and Vince Aguon from DPHSS, we are working to secure a date for drive thru testing for any individuals who were present at the Guam Congress Building on Monday, August 10, Tuesday, August 11, or Wednesday, August 12.

DPHSS is advising that all individuals who were present at the Guam Congress Building on these dates should self-quarantine and monitor themselves for any COVID-19 symptoms. Individuals may opt for a COVID-19 test after the recommended 5-7 days from the suspected date of exposure regardless if symptoms are present or not. If individuals experience symptoms within the time frame as indicated, DPHSS advises that individuals seek additional assistance from DPHSS.

I will be contacting every legislative office, including all Members that were present in the Congress Building during Session.

I will also compile a list of individuals opting for COVID-19 testing and will forward that list to DPHSS prior to the testing date. According to DPHSS, individuals wishing to be tested will be required to submit personal information to DPHSS. I will personally collect and protect any information requested by DPHSS, and will send the necessary data concerning those who worked during the aforementioned dates via secure email to our partners at DPHSS.

The tentative scheduled date, pending approval, for drive-thru testing will be on Monday, August 17, from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. at the Public Health facility in Dededo.

Should any members or staff have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at j​