Driver Alert: Road Repairs Prompt Detour Along Route 2 Between Agat and Umatac


Guam – The Department of Public Works is advising motorists that they have shifted  lanes along Route 2 between Agat and Umatac.

Because of ongoing construction work, travel lanes have been moved to the inland-side of the roadway traveling on Route 2 south of Agat and north of  Umatac by the Cetti River. The detour on Route 2 is just down the hill and east of the Cetti Bay Overlook.

DPW cautions drive to beware of the construction signs placed ahead of   the lane shift and to reduce speeds on this stretch of Route 2.  The speed limit thru the construction area is 25 miles per hour. 

The  lane detour is necessary due to construction work for the damaged culverts under the roadway.