Drivers can expect smoother roads in the coming months

(Bumuchachu Street in Dededo will be repaired by DPW)

Drivers can expect smoother roads in the coming months with road improvements done to several parts of the island.

PNC’s Devin Eligio drives the story…

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Driving on Guam has not been easy, with areas such as Tamuning area going into East Agana with several protruding manholes, wheel-biting potholes, and deep dips in the road.

Tamuning isn’t the only village that suffers from pot-hole ridden roads.

Infamously derelict roads like Wusstig and Chalan Koda in Yigo and Harmon have yet to be improved, despite the frequency of drivers commuting on these roads.

However, in today’s Island wide Beautification Task Force Meeting, Department of Public Works Director Vince Arriola shared the road improvements projects that DPW has been working on.

{SOT:} Vince Arriola – Department of Public Works Director

“And the roads that we’re repairing, as you know Lieutenant Governor, these are some of the roads that have never been paved period. So, it’s a long time coming.

On top of completing road improvements in Agat and Talofofo, Arriola adds that their team will be preparing to head into Ipan, Yona, and Yigo for improvements there.

Along with village roads, Marine Corps Drive road improvements, under the federal highway fund, are already underway along Ysengsong Road and Airport Road.

Larger scale road improvements are still expected to happen on the main roads and are due to start come summertime.

{SOT:} Vince Arriola – Department of Public Works Director

“And that’s going to be a whole milling and repaving from ITC building all the way up to the rotunda and then all the way to the Hilton hotel.”

With these road improvements across the island, drivers can soon be expecting to drive on smoother surfaces.


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