DRT bares budget needs

Dafne Shimizu, the director of Rev & Tax, says they cannot abide by the measure since it's against federal laws that they're obligated to follow.

The Department of Revenue and Taxation needs $3.3 million more for this coming fiscal year.

During the department’s budget hearing Tuesday morning, DRT Director Dafne Shimizu informed lawmakers that Rev & Tax needs roughly $900,000 to fill vacancies, three of them being administrative positions.

Another problem that Shimizu revealed is the lack of training due to lack of funding.

“Our revenue officers haven’t had IRS training for about five years if not more. The last time that our criminal investigation branch had the federal law enforcement training was over 20 years ago,” Shimizu said.

She added: “We believe that training is gonna be paramount to making sure that we have competent people. So although it’s important that we hire, it’s also important to make sure that the people that we do have are trained so that they can do what they need to do as efficiently as possible and that they are knowledgeable about what the current techniques are.”

In addition to the department’s need to fill vacancies and have funding for updated training, DRT is also requesting $2 million for its upcoming Real Property Re-evaluation as well as $300,000 for an in-house tax attorney and $168,000 for new computers and equipment.