DRT: Earliest that stimulus checks can be sent may be first week of May


The Department of Revenue and Taxation is continuing discussions with the IRS on Guam’s roll-out plan for one-time coronavirus payments.

DRT director Dafne Shimizu told PNC that she’s in constant communication with her federal counterparts.

Previously, the Rev & Tax director had said that around 60,000 to 70,000 payments were expected on Guam to the tune of $134.8 million.

That total claim amount was approved by the IRS two weeks ago, but the revenue service and the U.S. Treasury still have to approve Guam’s implementation plan, which is what’s currently holding up the payments

Shimizu told PNC they handed over Guam’s blueprint two weeks ago.

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“With regards to when it’s going to be finalized, you know there are several layers that it has to go through. Review by general counsel, then of course discussions back and forth. So with regards to a timeline, I don’t have a specific timeline. We’re trying to work as fast as we can, and I can assure you we’re doing everything possible to make sure that we get these funds,” Shimizu said.

Both Shimizu and the Governor say the first week of May would be the earliest Guam could see payments flowing.

On Friday, some 6,000 checks began making their way to mailboxes on Guam.

These were advanced payments, made to people on island who claimed $10,000 or less on their 2018 tax return.